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‘Uhhh! Take…it! Take it!’ Ben groaned, grinding against her, as he sent jet after torrid jet of his molten sauce gushing into her. When they finished, Ben rolled off Marya and lay next to her on the bed. She sighed and rolled against him. ‘What’s wrong with me? This…what we…what I’m doing…is wrong,’ she whispered. ‘Why…why do I keep doing it? Why….why can’t I stop myself?’ Ben didn’t reply. ‘When I got home after the last time, and was laying in bed next to Roger, I had such awful feelings of guilt,’ she said, and took a deep breath. ‘I…I thought I’d convinced myself that it would be best to stop, but…’ A shudder went through her. ‘I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I…I want to stay away from you, but I…I can’t do it. I try, I really do, but…’ The last thing Ben wanted was to spend the evening sharing recriminations about what they were doing. He managed to do far too much of than when he was alone. He rolled over and his lips captured her nipples, first one, then the. Both of them moaned before resuming the licking which resembled a dog licking and gulping down water. The aroma emitting from Sowmya’s vagina was making Anita even hornier and as they continued licking each other under the moonlight, time passed faster than it had ever done for the two of them. Soon they sat up facing each other and Sowmya helped Anita get into position for scissoring.Sowmya being experienced began the rubbing scissoring technique and Anita just copied her making both of them rub each other’s vaginas together sending waves of pleasure throughout their body. They leaned forward several times to steal a kiss and moaned out silently as they felt approaching orgasms. It was Sowmya who got it first since it was her first time that day and Anita followed suit soon enough to gain her second orgasm that night.“AAAAHHHHHH,” she cried out before letting it all out and gasped to catch her breath. The act was so pleasurable that she had not noticed how much her body had to work.
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