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You might as well relax and enjoy my hospitality sooner, rather than later. I promise, you will come to look forward to our dates. You may even find the man of your dreams and begin your family."Sam again refused, secure in the anonymity that the chat room promised. He never stopped to wonder how Senor Enriquez had gotten the address of his prospective inamorata, and what that implied for the security of the chat room. A couple of weeks later, on May 31, Sam was studying alone in his room. A knock announced the arrival of a deliveryman with a prize Sam had won. A peek through a spyhole showed a short dark man carrying a large box. He opened the door. The man entered, put the box on the floor, and complained of the heat. Sam offered him a drink, which was accepted on condition that Sam share it. They toasted Sam's luck in winning the contest (which Sam didn't remember entering).After a couple of minutes of conversation, Sam became a little dizzy. He swayed in his chair, but. ”“Joss, when Merle asked me if I thought you may have read all the things Daddy wrote about you in the letter, I told him, without a doubt, NO ... In the short talk I had with you, I knew my Daddy was right. You are the very man to make The Windy Ridge Ranch prosper again... “Now... “ ... If you’ll help me roll Merle down that ramp, we’ll show you how we load and unload him in and out of the buggy so we can take him for a ride. Jamie, Jonnie and I will saddle up and ride along with you and Merle. We’ll stay ahead of you, leading the way, so you and Merle can have a private talk as we show you the ranch operation.”I grabbed the handles on the back of his wheeled-chair and eased him slowly down the ramp backwards.“Joss, you’re going to spoil me. My women usually let me come sailing down that ramp as they try to either stop me, guide me, or stay the hell out of the path of this run-a-way.”Out at the barn nearest the house, there was a hay lift that comes down from a heavy wooden beam.
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