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"I suppose I had better introduce you to my friend Don. You've met before I believe, even if you didn't know it. Don, this is my mother Charlene."I wondered how Miss Manors would handle this? I don't suppose she has ever been asked about the etiquette of meeting your lover's mother when you are dressed only in a bra and skirt. Should I rise and coolly shake her hand? Was the quintessential feminine gesture of covering my artificial breasts in order here? How about running to the bathroom and being violently ill? What I did was reach for my sweater and put it on."Hello, Charlene." I said deliberately in my normal voice. "I had hoped we would meet someday, but I didn't expect it to be would be this sudden. I think we're both pretty well embarrassed right now, but I really hope we can get to know each other under better circumstances." Her color was returning to normal and she finally found her voice. Oh, my. Jenny, I don't know what to say." She looked at me. "Don? Your name is Don?"I. Till that time I did not have any intention to seduce her and I masturbated 2 times thinking of her.Next week I was asked to attend the tuition to her because my board exam was coming near and my mom also accepted ant left me in the home and went to take care of dad and on Saturday I was asked to come for the tuition by her but I dint go I went to tuition on Sunday by 10:30am she opened the door and she was as sexy as in that nude picture because she was wearing chuddar without salwar she asked me why I did not come yesterday.I said I was having fever so I took rest in home, immediately she touched me and said still I am having fever and asked me weather I had my breakfast and tablets I replied not have to have after the tuition she said today you don’t have tuition and asked me to take rest in her home and I refused it but she called my mother and told everything and got her permission to look after me.She gave the breakfast to me and some tablets and asked me to take rest in.
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