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He liked them scared, no, wait, terrified. The way their breathing sped up, the small beads of sweat on their skin, it all added to the fun for him. He had always taken all of them to his lake house, about 45 minutes from the city. It was as secluded as you can get, and the room that he had built downstairs ensured no one could hear their screams. They always screamed, he could never understand that. It just turned him on even more to know that they were scared. Some of them cried out for their parents, that really got him going, that made him even more rough with them. That Friday, he was so ready for it to happen, he kept pacing all day, running through it in his mind, to make sure there was no way for his plan to go wrong. At precisely 4:55, he got in his truck, and drove to the park where he would wait for her. On a Friday, in the middle of winter, the park was deserted, and he had nothing, or no one to worry about. He drove into the parking lot, and waited. At 5:10, he. Delvin had become quite the lord keeper in his time as the owner and proprietor of the inn, not that anyone really cared, except for maybe a few small children every now and then, but those instances were few and far between.The Adventurer’s Guild was Delvin’s closest neighbor, or at least one of their branches. It meant he had better security when monsters got a bit more aggressive. The head of the branch happened to be mostly retired; she was a mage that specialized in ice magic and had a moniker to match. In fact, most of the guild building, including the adventurers, was staffed by women. In their nation, Ircoet was mostly patriarchal, but females had a few freedoms most wouldn’t expect, even more so as Adventurers. Being just a twenty-minutes from guild premises, and the inn being the older structure, meant the guild didn’t need to put in dining facilities or a kitchen.Irocet is ruled by king Alfarn, and regulations with his queen, Ludmila, from the capital city of Epsin. This.
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