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"Might need something else," she harumphed.The fog was swirling thickly in the trees by the time they reached Laura's condo, and Charise's eyes were wide. It really did look kind of magical, Laura thought, all swathed in mist, the tall trees that surrounded the houses swaying and creaking. It was a little chilly, though, and she could see Charise shrinking into her large parka."Come inside, it's warmer there," she said.Laura insisted on fixing her dinner, since she already had the leftovers from a rotisserie chicken in the refrigerator."I ain't hungry," Charise said. "Anyway, I'm fat. I got to lose all this weight." Fat!" Laura scoffed. "Here, let me look at you."Charise had the parka half-removed, and now she shed it completely, tossing it into an easy chair. She had never looked better, or more desirable, to Laura. True, she was a little top-heavy now, her breasts swollen and bulging. The rest of her was slender and supple, and if you had not seen her pregnant, you never could have. I dropped the book. How could I have come here and let myself be swayed by such crude and disgusting images? How perverse of me to think that I would actually want anything from this. I ran to the chair and grabbed for my bag as behind me, the door opened and suddenly my father was there in the room. He was older than in his photograph and touched with grey hairs. He smiled at me but his eyes were harsh and cold. He was dressed in a tailored suit and smelled of cologne, whiskey and cigars. I knew, seeing him there, that I had made a bad mistake. Worse, I could see, he knew it too. ‘I’m sorry, I have to go.’, I said. I clutched my laptop to my chest like a broken toy. My voice was tiny and cracked. My father turned and closed the door, blocking my exit. Then he stared right at me and said, ‘Oh, I think it is too late for that, don’t you?’ I remember the fear, descending on me and running through me like cold water. I remember assessing how easy it might be to push past the man, open.
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