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He lived a life of mediocracy and never amounted to much, but in his last moments he did good. Without consideration for his own well-being, he saved the life of a young family. There was no calculation behind it, he just saw the danger and acted on pure instinct to shield the innocent people from it. That costed him his life, but gained him a favour from the universe.That favour came into play here. As a nerd in mind and a pervert at heart, the man was reborn, not in the mundane world that so carelessly mistreated him, but in the world he always read about. More precisely the erotically charged variant we now find ourselves in. And so our heroes merged together and became one. The life in the mundane world fades away, the old name, the old neighbours, the old job, all of those are left behind. Only his dreams, his ambitions and all those plans on how he wanted to treat his favourite and least favourite characters stay with him. How would he react to the memories he inherited from. And he happens to look like a couple of your ex's that I know of. Hope he acts better." Uh. Other than telling me he'd love to do me at the drop of a hat, cheating on Mom? Yeah, sure, he acts better. Now hush, he'll be out any second."** ** **Ben nudged his door closed, making sure it didn't latch. There - make it easier for them, he thought. As he sat down to play some Mafia Wars before hitting the sack, he saw the blinking icon of another security video capture waiting. The brief frown was replaced by a smile as he thought about what the camera might have caught. He slipped his headphones on and called up the video.Viv raced into view and sprawled face-down on his unkempt bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and started playing with her phone. The photos weren't legible, but they were obviously exciting her. She dropped one hand to a tit and began massaging it through her skimpy nightgown. After a few seconds, she moved the cloth down as Ben had done and began tugging on her.
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