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Then he walked past us and made a sign tofollow him into the backroom, where he apparently was going to do thepiercings."You were right, she's really hot!" He scanned my whole body, then, tomy surprise, touched my lips with his forefinger and stroked alongthem. "Nice full suck-lips!" With that, he pushed between them, "Openup, girl!"I couldn't think straight, the whole situation was so wrong. Up to thenit was Marc and mainly older clients who had touched and used me, butonly in the confined, and by now familiar space, of one of thebackrooms at Marc's bar. But now, this stranger, who was about my age,and in a different place that didn't remind me at all of thewhorehouse-like feeling I connected by now to my usual "workplace"?! Ilooked in fear at Marc and he only made a quick nod.So I parted my heavily painted lips and let his finger in. He pushed inand out a few times, then told me to suck on it. I just did it. When Ithought about it afterwards, and even when I am writing this now,. My heart races at the site of this work of art as I reach to embrace the work of art standing next to me. We stand together for what seems like hours, staring at her staring at us. You turn to face me with tears streaming down your cheeks. What a sight in candlelight. We hold each other tighter as I bend my neck to reach for your mouth. We kiss a beautiful kiss. Soft, not too short, not too long (like there could ever be a kiss that was too long). I pull away from you, careful to slide my right hand down your left arm and into your waiting hand. We will not lose contact tonight. I pour us each a too-full glass of the deep red wine. Clos du Bois, 1997. Gasp, an American wine in London? I hand you a glass, then take mine. Still holding hands, we raise the glasses to toast this romance, then we turn to face Jeanne and raise our glasses to this beautiful Madonna. We sip. Not bad. But good because this night is good. The air is not cool, not hot. Just right. We kick off our shoes. The.
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