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As a female owner, I am to be called Miss, Mistress, Ma'am, Madam, or even Master. MUST BE CREATIVE! This one can be debateable. I prefer a creative slave, so I can say "I want 10 creative pictures" and they will comply. I only do that request occasionally. ~MUST BE POLITE. Please, thank you, yes mistress, etc. I will not have a rude pet. ~MUST HAVE RELATIVELY GOOD GRAMMAR. I do not like people "who tlk lyke dis, err us3 numb3rz N l3tt3r$ 2 r3epl@c3 $tuff"I've only had guy slaves, and i've had them: cut and burn their dick-- tie up their balls separately-- take pix of themselves in public bathrooms-- take videos of them jacking off-- made them buy panties/studded collars to wear in pix/vids-- put things in their butt-- and more. a slave must set their boundries prior to beginning their slaveship, because once we've begun, they aren't allowed to disobey-Age. A pet cannot be under 15 or over 25. I'm not into babies or older men/women. -Weight. A pet cannot be overweight. There is no. We already knew what we wanted to talk about but no one wanted to be the first to say anything, especially in public.“So you guys really are doing it?” Chris finally asked, keeping his voice low.“Yep, as much as you are, probably more,” I replied.“How long has it been going on for you guys?” Stephanie asked.“A little over three months so far, what about you?” Rita replied.“Around two years and three months I think, not sure exactly,” Stephanie replied.“Two years? “How'd you manage to keep it a secret so long?” I asked.“A lot of sneaking around, we almost got caught a few times though being stupid,” Chris said.“So did we. Our dad even walked in on us a couple times,” Rita said leaning in closer.“What? How did he not catch you? Is he blind or something?” Stephanie whispered.“Its actually kinda funny. The first time Randy was, you know, going down on me, and dad came in the room, but not all the way, so he couldn't really see anything, and Randy just kept on going while dad was there,.
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