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He told her, "You'dbetter be careful, baby. That sissy husband of yours might just stealme away from you."She boldly rubbed his crotch, feeling his already stiff prick, and toldhim, "Let me get her into the rest of her outfit and, when she's alldressed, I'll show you why you want me and not her." She gave me astern look and said, "Right, Marlene?"I could only nod while I took several deep relieved breaths. Tyra wentto her dresser and picked out several items. She didn't usually have mythings in there but I guessed this was all part of the game she wasplaying to demonstrate my sissy status to Stan. What she held up was atiny, dark grey top that would leave my belly exposed, and a super-short, pleated charcoal skirt that would show off my smooth hairlesslegs all the way up to near the tops of my thighs. There was also apair of patterned stockings with designs of spider webs on them. Theyhad elastic tops and would stay up by themselves. The finishing touch,which she fetched. “But be quiet… we don’t want to wake your s(i)ster up.”Devan swung his legs over the edge of his bed and stood up. Sharon took him by the hand and led him into her room. There was a soft glow in the room from the nightstand light she had left on. Devan stared at his mother as she led him toward her bed. Her legs were slim and tanned with smooth flesh. Her small tits strained at the almost transparent, gauzy gown. Sharon knew the effect her body was having on her teenage son… she could see his cock was hardening inside his boxer briefs.“Do you want me, Devan?” she asked in a low voice. “Do you want Mom… this…. do you want to…. fuck me?”“Oooohh… Wow!” Devan gasped.With a sly smile on her face, Sharon watched his cock twitch, almost immediately his erection was outlined in his boxer briefs, and he didn’t try to hide it. His eyes bulged, with his mouth hanging open.“Well…. do you?” she asked, reaching outward. “After what I did for you earlier. I thought you’d like to Fuck me.
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